What can you put in a Throw n’ Tow?

You can put a wide variety of waste into a Throw n’ Tow bin. However, they are not suitable for some items. The trailer bins are not designed for heavy waste, such as dirt, rocks, sand, tiles or concrete. Heavy waste must make up no more than 2 wheelbarrow loads per trailer.


  • General household waste

  • General garden waste

  • Grass clippings

  • Small branches, prunings, leaves and flowers

  • Rags

  • Recyclable Items including glass, paper, cardboard, empty steel cans, empty cartons and bottles

  • Small timber offcuts

  • Old pots and plants

  • Plastic

  • Scrap metals

  • White goods – fridges, washing machines, dryers

  • Computers and accessories

  • Electrical appliances and mobile phones



  • Asbestos*

  • Polystyrene

  • Tyres

  • Spring mattresses

  • Medical waste

  • Radioactive waste

  • Grease Trap waste

  • Contaminated soil

  • Paint

  • Batteries, including vehicle batteries

  • Gas bottles

  • Used oil filters

  • Containers filled with Oil

  • Acids

  • Diesel, petrol and other chemicals



The maximum load limit for a Trailer Bin is 500kgs. The Hirer must not exceed this. Bins are weighed before they are emptied. If the load is more than 500kgs, then additional charges may apply. The additional charge is $26 per 100kg (26c per Kg) or part thereof on any amount over 500Kgs.

DO NOT USE Throw n’ Tow FOR:

The Hirer shall ensure the Trailer Bin will not be on-hired to any other person, lent to any other person, used for illegal purposes, sold or otherwise part with the Trailer Bin from their property or control.

Due to the rules and regulations of the NZ Land Transport Safety Authority, the NZ Police and the Occupational Health & Safety Authority, overloaded and/or insecure loads cannot be transported.


 *NOTE: Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance that must be disposed of correctly, or it may lead to criminal prosecution. The Hirer is liable for any asbestos found in the Trailer Bin, and the cost of disposing of the asbestos.